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Park Avenue Armory’s mission is to revitalize one of America’s historic treasures as a dynamic alternative arts space unlike any other in New York. Part palace, part industrial shed, the Armory is dedicated to the development and presentation of work in the visual and performing arts best realized in a non-traditional setting. With its Gilded Age interiors and soaring 55,000-square-foot Drill Hall, the Armory allows artists to create – and audiences to experience – epic, immersive and adventurous work that cannot be done anywhere else. The Armory seeks to stimulate the most ambitious and innovative work many artists will undertake in their career. Such has been its impact in its first five years that in December 2011 The New York Times noted “Park Avenue Armory…has arrived as the most important new cultural institution in New York City.”

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Photo: James Ewing Photo: James Ewing Photo: James Ewing Photo: James Ewing

Park Avenue Armory has completed the renovation and restoration of the Board of Officers Room, one of the most important rooms in America. Originally designed by Herter Brothers and one of the few surviving interiors by the fabled firm, the room was likened to a “royal apartment” by the press when it first opened to the public in 1880, but fell into disrepair due to the poor maintenace and water infiltration in the decades since.

The restoration, led by Herzog & de Meuron, infuses the room with a contemporary sensibility through a series of subtle and delicate interventions. Through close collaboration with expert conservators and skilled artisans, the revitalization breathes new life into the room and transforms the extraordinary space into a state-of-the-art salon for installations, intimate performances, and other contemporary art programs beginning with the inaugural recital series on September 29, 2013.

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